K-12 Resources

Introductory Game Software Brochure


Primary Engines:

Unreal Engine 4

One of the primary game engines used right now for 3D game development, featuring a strong C++ usage and various tools such as blueprints to streamline development.


One of the more accessible game engines used for game development, with C# as the primary code language and various tools and plugins to develop both 2D and 3D games.

Alternative Engines:




How to use Xenko on Lab Computers:
  1. Click “download package” from this website.
  2. Right click the downloaded .nupkg and unzip it with 7zip
  3. Go to the lib folder and click on “Xenko.GameStudio.exe”. It may take a little bit to load for the first time.

Amazon Lumberyard

Game Maker Studio


C++: The language of choice for various engines, including Unreal Engine 4.

C#: Another language used by several engines, including Unity3D Engine.

Latest C# Resources for Unity:
  1. Microsoft .NET 4.x in Unity

  2. A guide on Asynchronous programming using Coroutines and TAP.

  3. Another resource on Async and Await in Unity.

3D Modeling:



3DS Max

2D Art: